Hi! I'm Danielle.


I'm a graphic designer and freelance media director based out of Uxbridge, Ontario.


I grew up in Uxbridge, spent my 20's in Toronto and Vancouver, and finally landed back in my hometown where I currently live with my husband, Greg, and the two tiny humans we've added along the way. 


I love helping small businesses and entrepreneurs look great, especially online. New or refreshed branding, logos, websites, social media, corporate presentation design - all of my favourite things.


I also make stamps, wood signs, stickers, and apparel. Most of my work is custom made to order, but whatever I happen to have in stock is available here.


How did I get here? I've worked in ad agencies across Toronto and Vancouver for over a decade, focused on digital strategy for incredible clients like BMW, IBM, and Paramount Pictures. I've always dabbled in websites and graphic design as a side passion (I've been an artsy, computer-loving nerd since I was a kid - shoutout to Neopets), and began meeting more and more local entrepreneurs through word of mouth.


There's something absolutely magical about working with local business owners - your creativity and passion is contagious. I wanted to do more of it, and here we are.


Welcome to my dream job. I think it's super, super cool you're here.